Reflections on the Lake

Early morning sunshine throws a golden glow across the landscape.
A lush green and dewy carpet lays underfoot
Puffs of cloud float high in a pefect blue sky.
Graceful gums bend in the filtered sunlight, and their leaves gently kiss the water of the lake.
Breathe in the beauty that surrounds me, and exhale.
A gentle smile raising the corners of my mouth
What a Wonderful World..

Sudden awareness that all is not as still as it seems.
A million larvae send myriad ripples across the lake.
So many you might think it had started to pitter pat with rain.
A splosh! A fish flip flops at the surface.
Tiny swifts dart, flit and dip, pecking at the bugs that skate
across the muddy liquid
A little further along a grey heron stands on yellow stick legs and fishes in the reeds and long grasses at the water’s edge
so still - motionless - just watching….waiting
Mother duck fusses over her fluffy brood and herds them back to the safety of the lake as I walk by.

Another splosh - scaly brown head slips below the surface and I see the shy turtle dive to hide under some fallen branch in the deep.
Something moves in the grass - green on green, until a flash of red draws my attention.
Little red rumped Parrots flap off - startled by my presence.
As I follow their escape, I see too the Rosellas’ swooping flight - all red, blue, yellow and speckled - ever shifting from bough to bough.
And overhead majestic pelican glides silently in to land.
Breathe in the beauty that surrounds Me, and exhale
A gentle smile plays at the corners of my mouth.
What a Wonderful World.

Close my eyes - bring other senses into play.
There is no silence here,
A choir of galahs, in pink and grey finery, sing their dischordant song high up in the branches of the trees.
Rosellas chirrup as they fly .
Hear the warbles of the corella gangs as they flock from tree to tree, squabbling all the while.
An angry squawk of a cruising cockatoo.
Mother duck’s gentle honks escalate to the familiar quack I mimicked as a child.
And when the birds are quiet there is always the gentle breeze that whispers through the She-oak leaves.
Plays gentle music in my ears.
And again a smile softens the corners of my mouth. What a wonderful World.

Breathe in the beauty that surrounds me - exhale.
Hints of eucalyptus, lemon, pine, jasmine, gardenias.
A heady mix - makes my mouth water.
A simple walk around the lake, surround myself with nature, and contemplate - creatures, flowers, trees.
Miracles happen… Lifts my heart, and leaves me humble.
Makes me realise I am one tiny part of this world.
This world is one tiny part of an infinitesimal Universe.
I gaze sometimes towards that inky Universe after the sun has set, and the day cools.
At the stars, planets, clouds of gas that sparkle and glow
in the blackness.
I try to comprehend the vast distances between us.
What a wonderful world!